Activ8ed takes the 1000 Steps

160227-activ8ed-1000steps-01The Activ8ed (Youth) group of our church went out of the usual Friday evening fellowship and bible study to get out and go to the Dandenong Ranges National Park, which is an hour and half drive from Melbourne.

They’ve taken and walked the 1000 Steps Kokoda Trail, a unique and renowned tourist spot at Mt. Dandenong.

Being the first Activ8ed outing for the year, everyone was excited as the weather forecast was warm and sunny.

Organized by the leaders of the youth, they’ve arranged themselves car pooling, packed lunch such as sandwiches and juice boxes, and went prepared with a first-aid kit, not to mention a nurse in the group.

160227-activ8ed-1000steps-03The day started bit cloudy and cold, but turned glorious sunny and cool when they arrived. They’ve started the walk as soon as everyone checked in.

The walk felt like forever – quoted by one youth

Our pastor and wife, plus a couple of parents joined to oversee the trip and made it to the top as well.

Going up was just half of the story. The other half perhaps was better.

Tiring but fun and for sure there will be more adventures being planned this year.

Contributed by JanPaul M

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One thought on “Activ8ed takes the 1000 Steps”

  1. Well done to everyone that organised this super fun adventure👍 and to all the Youth..get activa8ted all the time☺️

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