Mansion on the Hilltop

There was a Pastor in the countryside with a small congregation. It was a long dream of the church to have a building of their own since they have a big block of land. Not too far away was a hill with mansion on top.

Every Sunday the congregation meets in a hired hall to have their worship service. One Sunday the Pastor’s sermon was in Matthew 16:18 about Peter entitled “On this Rock”. After the message was delivered, he made one step further to challenge the church and he said, “Church we will do it literally, every time you commit sin bring stone to our vacant lot”.

Time went by and after three months the Pastor visited the vacant lot. To his amazement there was a mountain high of rocks and stones in different sizes so enormous that there was almost no vacant space anymore. Thinking of what to do to get the church vacant block of land clean again, he realized the quarry company nearby so he called on the company for help. It was the owner of the mansion on the hilltop picked up the call, but before the Pastor was able to speak, the mansion owner said “I was watching day and night how the people carried stones and rocks of different sizes to the vacant land, but don’t worry” He said, “I will send my Son to clear the stones and rocks from your property”.

Just after the Pastor hangs up the phone, the Son came to clear them out. With Him were all the tools needed. All the rocks and stones were taken and crushed. Furthermore, the mansion owner compensated the church with assistance to have their own church building. Out of curiosity the Pastor asked the Son what they were going to do with the crushed rocks and stones, He replied “all the stones and rocks were crushed to make pavements and roads so the people who wanted to go to the mansion would have smooth journey”.

Remember my friend, next time you carry a stone or rock, the Father – mansion owner – is watching day and night, whether the sin is small or big in our life, bring it to a vacant lot because the Son is ready to crush them for us to have a smooth journey going to the Mansion on the Hilltop.

Contributed by Mhar D

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