Small Thing Big Goal

It was during the church camp when I encountered this colony of tiny insects. While watching I tried to break their line and see what else they could do. They fought back and bitten my finger and my foot.

Have you ever seen a trail of ants going from one destination to another? They seem to know and intensely focus where they are going. So I asked how it is possible that such a tiny creature can achieve so much. I found out that ants have never given up and how they prepare for the future. Ants always seem to accomplish everything they set out to do. I took a closer look at ants and I learned some principles from them.

Ants are remarkably persistent. They are focused and determined to get there no matter what the obstruction. They often scale great heights and travel long distances in order to get to the food. No obstacle is too big to conquer. This remarkable persistence reminds me of the story in the bible about a friend comes at midnight in Luke 11:8 Because of his fearless persistence his friend rise and give what he needs.

I found out there is no other group of insects that are more efficient, effective, and motivated. They seem to always be focused and working towards the common goals of building and repairing the nest, collecting and distributing food, and caring for eggs. Their common goal reminds me of Philippians 4:13, while we Christians need motivation from church and guidance, Christians need to be driven by faith to continue the tasks in achieving the common goal. We need motivation from other in order to complete our goals, because God created us not to be alone. (Genesis 2:18) I learned also that ants know how to focus on what is important to themselves and the colony in order to stay self-motivated. Making a difference and contributing to a bigger cause is one of the best motivating factors we can have as the follower of Christ (Philippians 1:21).

Ants will do whatever is necessary in order to protect the queen from danger. They know that the queen is the most important component to the survival of the colony. While the community of Christian it is important to know that we have the King of kings and Lord of lords whom we served and important that we protect the values that are important to us. Your skills, talents, and ideas are at the core of your being. Use those things with everything you have in your church, just like in a colony for God, because any talent you can contribute to God’s kingdom here on earth is investing your treasures in heaven (Matthew 6).

Ants cannot be human but we can learn much about the accomplishment from them. They are hardworking, social, and persistent. I believe God created ants for us to see the importance of teamwork, fellowship, unity, and commitment. Next time you see a colony of ants, remember what we have learned from this tiny insect and see the impact it can make in the life of your church. The smallest thing we can do for the lost soul will benefit the big goal to make Jesus known in all nations.

Contributed by Mhar D

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