Bible Studies

Bible studies are conducted in the homes of a host. All of them generally meet once a fortnight.

Through bible studies, the Lord will be able to restore the lives of so many if people are willing to give their efforts to him.

We are divided into cell groups and structured to help people gain knowledge, acquire understanding, and begin to grow in wisdom. We tend to focus on practical life application of God’s word. We delight in the knowledge of God and find our true joy in knowing Him daily. We also believe in the importance of witnessing in our community and integration of faith.

There are a number of different groups from youths according to age groups, young adults, and mature groups. Each cell has a group leader and is led by a facilitator in small size settings. This kind of small setting has an opportunity for more personal and intimate fellowship and deeper study of Scripture. It can be a place to form community and have a wonderful bond with each other.

Purposes of cell groups are

  • To build up believers in their faith by connecting them to a healthy and growing biblical community
  • To equip maturing Christians for ministry
  • To reach the unsaved for Christ

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