Pastoral Care

This ministry of care and counseling provided by the Pastor, pastoral team, and other leaders of the church. This can range from home visitation to provide pastoral counseling.

Pastoral care is, in essence, is surprisingly simple. It has one fundamental aim, to help people know love, both as something to be received and as something to give.

The ministry works in conjunction with the Seniors Elderly, Youth Team, Prayer Meeting, Bible Study Groups and Sunday school. Together these spheres of ministry seek to be a safety net in taking care of the spiritual and personal needs of our people. Prayer meeting and Bible Study create a smaller interpersonal environment so that participants will develop close relationships.

We are a family and at the heart of every family is love. Our love for the Lord and for each other brings us together. Makes good times sweeter and helps us through the tough ones.

Here you’ll find that being a part of a family is a great feeling. There’s the comfort of knowing that you’re surrounded by people who love you, people who care for you. And that’s what this ministry is all about. This is designed to minister to your needs at every stage of life.

Biblical Guidance Ministry – provides confidential counseling based on sound Biblical principles for those coping with life’s stresses and difficulties. The Pastoral team are available to assist those in crisis.

Hospital Ministry – Extends compassionate ministry and prayer to those who are hospitalized through personal visitation in the hospital’s area.

Prayer Ministry – Tell a prayer request and the prayer meeting group will encourage one another and be up to speed on the needs of its members. If necessary, the groups can inform the pastoral team to help minister when needed.

Moving House Ministry – Available to the families who are moving to another place. The Men for Faith ministry is there to help to bring and transport the loads from one place to another. They offer with willingness their skills to do some repairs, fixing or installing things in the house.

Transportation Ministry – Recognizing that dependable transportation is an essential need in today’s world, we provide those who have no means of transport to attend the service are being picked up from their homes.

Bereavement Ministry – Families share their grief at the passing away of a loved one. Our church family is no exception. We endeavor to wrap our caring arms of faith and comfort around families who have suffered loss. When we are made aware of a loss, one of the Pastoral Care staff immediately attempts to contact a family member to express our condolences in the loss, to pray for the family, and to offer any assistance that the family may request.

The purpose of the Pastoral Care is two fold

  • Take care of our current members
  • Minister to visitors and those interested in becoming a Christian and/or becoming a member of our church.

Description of Responsibility

  • Coordinate pastoral contacts with church members.
  • Coordinate pastoral contacts with new visitors and those expressing interest in baptism and/or church membership.
  • Coordinate new members’ assimilation.
  • Assist leaders and other ministry leaders in addressing personal need of its members.
  • The leading pastor will coordinate the pastoral care ministry of the church.
  • Pastoral team will be in regular contact with the leading pastor to inform him of the needs of our people.
  • To track the assimilation of both visitor and new members and file them accordingly.