Seniors Group

There is a segment of our congregation that deserves nurturing. Their graying heads belie their willingness to serve. Their years of respected, personal contribution to the life of the church are needed.

Their minds remain active, they are mobile and some active senior members provide sustaining ministries for our church. They are good Helping Hands. They do the tasks with their own initiatives.

We have a senior man who arrives early in the church to do the same specific task every Sunday which is to display the signboard outside the building. Oftentimes, this same person also sweeps the floor.

On the other hand, some senior women are involved in preparing food and other tasks in the kitchen. The seniors are fun to work with. They are always happy and lively.

The senior’s ministry is open to those 60 years old and older. Meetings are held as scheduled. Meetings consist exercise period and activity period, i.e. arts and crafts, games and outings. Traveling and eating are the favourite activities. Seniors have their own Bible Study.

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