Sunday School

Teaching a Lesson  … Imparting Life

Our Objectives

  • To see many children reached with the gospel in Children’s Church
  • To raise up a Children’s ministry that is vibrant, dynamic, caring and prayerful that will build children in the Christian faith.
  • To develop God’s gifting He has placed within each child, and to activate that gift to benefit the church.
  • To see children being used by God in ministry to each other and to their friends
  • To reach unsaved families through their children.
  • To see children become active participants in church services.
  • To encourage children to be prayerful To provide a safe nurturing environment for the children.

What We Do

Children from playgroup age and up are welcome at our Faith Kids Children’s Ministry which meets during the worship service.  After calling all the children and teachers up in front to be prayed for, the children are invited to leave the main worship hall to the Sunday School room.

We all meet together for some singing, giving of offering and occasional games and news and review of past lessons, then split into classes for the lessons and activities catered for each age group.

Our children feel a part of the ‘whole’ church family, and that what they do is recognized by the wider church members. We produce special numbers such as singing or dancing  or some form of presentation as our worship to God and for the older members of our congregation to enjoy.

The children make special gifts for Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Christmas.  We endeavor to cater to the kids by creating various activities for them to enjoy all throughout the year like excursions, sportsfest, fun day etc.

Our heart is to see all our kids  grow up with a deep love for God and the knowledge that they are deeply loved by God and by the church as well

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