Mansion on the Hilltop

There was a Pastor in the countryside with a small congregation. It was a long dream of the church to have a building of their own since they have a big block of land. Not too far away was a hill with mansion on top.

Every Sunday the congregation meets in a hired hall to have their worship service. One Sunday the Pastor’s sermon was in Matthew 16:18 about Peter entitled “On this Rock”. After the message was delivered, he made one step further to challenge the church and he said, “Church we will do it literally, every time you commit sin bring stone to our vacant lot”.

Time went by and after three months the Pastor visited the vacant lot. To his amazement there was a mountain high of rocks and stones in different sizes so enormous that there was almost no vacant space anymore. Thinking of what to do to get the church vacant block of land clean again, he realized the quarry company nearby so he called on the company for help. It was the owner of the mansion on the hilltop picked up the call, but before the Pastor was able to speak, the mansion owner said “I was watching day and night how the people carried stones and rocks of different sizes to the vacant land, but don’t worry” He said, “I will send my Son to clear the stones and rocks from your property”.

Just after the Pastor hangs up the phone, the Son came to clear them out. With Him were all the tools needed. All the rocks and stones were taken and crushed. Furthermore, the mansion owner compensated the church with assistance to have their own church building. Out of curiosity the Pastor asked the Son what they were going to do with the crushed rocks and stones, He replied “all the stones and rocks were crushed to make pavements and roads so the people who wanted to go to the mansion would have smooth journey”.

Remember my friend, next time you carry a stone or rock, the Father – mansion owner – is watching day and night, whether the sin is small or big in our life, bring it to a vacant lot because the Son is ready to crush them for us to have a smooth journey going to the Mansion on the Hilltop.

Contributed by Mhar D

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Dance for a Cause

Reaching Out to the Hungry and Thirsty in the Name of Jesus…

Reaching Out to the Hungry and Thirsty in the Name of Jesus … Matthew 25:35-41

We hosted a night of dance, fun, and music. Proceeds will benefit these 4 institutions:

Bethsaida School for the Disabled

Bethsaida CBR Services for the Disabled Inc. began as Lingkod Banahaw, a former CBM-supported project. It was established in 1996 at Candelaria, Quezon, a three hours drive away from Manila. Currently Bethsaida is implementing a community based rehabilitation (CBR) programme in the municipalities of Dolores, Tiaong, Sariaya, San Antonio and Candelaria. The programme supports children with physical, visual and hearing impairments as well as children with a mental and/or developmental impairment. A parent organization in each municipality was initially established and will later on be federated into a provincial wide organization for advocacy initiatives.  Bethsaida also runs a small school for children with special needs, called the Bartimaeus Centre for Alternative Learning.

Bethsaida CBR aims to supports persons with disabilities through tutorials at home, physical therapy and the providence of trainings and seminars to staff, field workers, teachers, community leaders and members of the family about early detection and the prevention of impairments.

Bahay Pag-asa Center

Located in Brgy. Lamot II, Calauan, Laguna.

This facility was established two years ago by the Dept. of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) through the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office (PSWDO) headed by Mr. Ernesto Montecillo. The primary objective of this project is to “promote the rights and welfare of children at risk and in conflict with the law under a restorative justice and welfare system.”

This program is to help the less fortunate people of Laguna, especially the youth.

I actually met with Mr Montecillo in October 2013 and I got the chance to meet the children.   There are 2 centres.  One for the boys and one for the girls. The girls’ centre were not only delinquent but also rape victims of their own kin.

Gawang Laya

Gawang Laya means ‘created free’ (invented by our western grammar in Filipino language). This is how God made ALL of us and this is His dream for us today, and the future.Gawang Laya is a network of hearts passionate about catalysing justice, in the context of globalisation. We seek to build a bridge between Philippines and Australia that is founded on mutual respect and depth of relationships. Through this bridge, we will tackle the issues of poverty and injustice.
“Gawang Laya exists to build networks in Australia and the Philippines – as individuals and/or organisations – by joining what God is already doing, partnering with local practitioners, and serving all people in need.

These networks are for the purpose of catalysing projects that help alleviate spiritual and physical poverty.”

Light of the World

A small Christian church in Olongapo City that caters to the spiritual needs of the children and youth in the neighbourhood. It teaches the Words of God to these children. After the lessons the church feed these children.

Contributed by Baby V, Roger A, Ps Tim

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